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    BFD donation


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    BFD donation

    Post  Ceburekas on Sun May 17, 2009 6:42 pm

    Bribe boxes are history. Now new donate system will be implemented.
    The new donate system are called "Vitality".
    New server will be with 12x rates. If you donate, you get credits. With credits you can buy the vitality system. It works like this:

    All acc's (new one and old one) gets at start 3 credits.
    All starters when creates character goes to control panel and switches on the vitality system, just EXP/SP will be affected.
    x15 - 1 cr per day (BASIC)
    x18 - 2 cr per day (STANDART)
    x21 - 3 cr per day (PREMIUM)
    x24 - 5 cr per day (VIP)

    Without credits EXP/SP will be x12
    Other rates DROP x12, SPOIL x12, QUEST x5

    If you want you could switch on the SPOIL rates:
    +50% - 1cr/d
    +100% - 2 cr/d

    One interesting thing.
    There will be referral system, where you can invite friends, and if your friends uses credits, you will get 10% of their credits in your acc.

    1 credit cost - 1 LT
    You will be able to buy credits with all main credits cards, from all countries. Transfered money will be converted to LT and you will get as much credits, as your currency is worth in LT.

    So, bassicaly, there is no forced donation left here.

    turi daugiau info?Papildyk ^^ rendeer

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